Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Happy Birthday, Carol Burnett!

Happy birthday, indeed! It's hard to overstate how much I adored Carol Burnett growing up -- first catching her on Saturday nights when my parents went to their bowling league in Michigan, and then all those years of after-school "Carol and Friends" reruns when we moved to Arizona. 

My love went so far as to inspire me to put on annual "Christmas at Harvey's" plays in our garage in Mesa, starring in skits inspired by things I'd seen on "The Carol Burnett Show," with me almost always in the female lead, natch. While I quickly went from thespian to gay, the memories of those performances -- with audience members who were too little to get any of the jokes, and parents who were old enough to be horrified by them -- never fail to make me smile! 

Terence, me and Greg

Terence and Mike

Me and Greg 

My friend Mike brought a little professionalism to the outing having been in a Reynolds wrap commercial back when he lived in Miami!

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Greg Hernandez said...

Oh, I love this - everything about it! Thanks for sharing Kenny.

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