Thursday, April 07, 2016

From Gold Medals to Silver Screens

When I think of Olympians turned actors, my crotch mind immediately goes to Mitch Gaylord, whose performance as himself in "American Anthem" proved too tricky for even him. But there's plenty more where that came from. Read a complete history of jocks in film HERE.


Steve said...

Ahhh, the 1984 Olympics. Mitch was on the gymnastics team along with Bart Conner, and Jim Hartung. However it was the swim team that captured mt total attention.It included Steve Lundquist, Rowdy Gaines, and Matt Biondi.

Bill Carter said...

Mitch Gaylord SMOKED in that movie, and not in a good way. I mean he literally smoked cigarettes.

I was totally disillusioned, but damn, he was cute. WEHT?

Dan said...

That movie was SO terrible, but I watched it repeatedly. I also kept every possible magazine picture I could find of the guy - pretty sure I still have that whole collection somewhere. That towel picture was a "centerfold" in some teen mag and even back then it kinda made me laugh because he looks like he's shivering cold and embarrassed to be posing like that.

Oh, and don't forget him in the Soloflex ads, "A hard man is good to find!"