Sunday, April 10, 2016

Delegating Hate

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This is how the game is played. Sorry if you never paid attention until your [racism/xenophobia/homophobia/MISOGYNY] boiled over and you were suddenly a "political junkie."

Furthermore, my pal Jon Reinish notes about Hillary Clinton's front-runner status:
Hillary Clinton's lead has nothing to do with Superdelegates. Again: nothing. To suggest otherwise is misleading -- and though I know that it's a narrative that the Sanders campaign, surrogates and supporters are pushing in order to emphasize the story that something's being manipulated or taken from him unfairly -- it's inaccurate, although it certainly is effective in rallying the Sanders faithful.

Her lead is in pledged delegates and it's by well over 200. To suggest that her massive lead is in any way because of Superdelegates -- who do not weigh in until the convention and have never determined the nominee -- is false.

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