Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bring the 9/11 Memorial 'Tiles for America' Back to Greenwich Avenue

This sure makes me smile. The corner of Seventh and Greenwich avenues was once a makeshift tribute covered with tiles made by mourners and loved ones of people killed Sept. 11 -- aka Tiles for America -- before the city decided put a ventilation plant there -- and then a crazy lady said the good lord contacted her and told her to steal take them home before Hurricane Irene struck. (Yeah, I know.) I met her once when she brought a few of them back to put on display and trust me, she's crazy.

There's now a facade that covers the aforementioned ventilation plant. It sure would be nice to see the tiles back where they belong. Hey, lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How it used to be:


Sept. 11 Memorial 'Tiles for America' Reappear, Apparently Stolen by Crazy Woman (Sept. 11, 2015)

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paintbrush said...

What a soul-deadening place it has become. That phony village-look facade, is that all the city could come up with? At least the tiles showed some humanity. What are they ventilating exactly? Surely the tiles could have been incorporated into the site in a creative way. I guess wresting them from the hands of that crazy lady might be another challenge. Oh, brother, what a sad, sad situation.

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