Thursday, March 24, 2016

Song of the Day: 'Let's Make Some Plans' by Close Lobsters

Download HERE.

Was sort of taken aback to find out there was an '80s Scottish jangle-pop band I didn't now about, but alas there is. Some of their material reminded me of the Trash Can Sinatras by way of the Go-Betweens, although this one is catchy is a different way. Would love to hear if any of you were fans back in the day. My claim to fame is The Questions


Dan said...

Yes! Big fan back in the day and now! Foxheads Stalk This Land is a fantastic record.

SSSDC1 said...

My favorite song by one of my favorite bands! Welcome to the fan club Kenneth. The "What Is There To Smile About" EP which includes this track is a classic. Their records were out of print for a long time, but a cool new 7" single came out last year, and all their 80s stuff has now been reissued! (Look for the pricey vinyl box set.) Another great track is their cover of Neil Young's "Hey Hey My My (Into the Black)."

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