Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Sexually Fluid Nyle DiMarco to Appear on 'Dancing With the Stars'

I've never seen "Dancing With the Stars" before. But I still think it's great that hunky Nyle DiMarco -- who won the last season of "America's Next Top Model" -- is going to be on this season, making him the first fully deaf bisexual contestant to appear on the show. (Wonder if he's as fluid on the dance floor as he is between the sheets.) Also appearing are Geraldo Rivera(!), Doug Flutie, Marla "Best Sex Ever" Maples and Kim Fields, looking much blonder than when she was learning "The Facts of Life."

Would have been way hotter if he'd been paired with his sexy Brazilian friend.


IArick said...

Marlee Matlin was a contestant at one time.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Apparently he's "more" deaf!

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