Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Nancy and Her Nancies

Got a lot of response to my piece on the passing of Nancy Reagan, in which I lament how different the AIDS crisis might have been had she had the wherewithal to rise to the occasion and push her beloved husband to do something, and offer a motherly touch to those who needed it. My pal Tim Murphy -- and pretty much every gay man of a certain age -- agrees. But today he penned an insightful piece about the topic that further examines the situation, that also manages to find the bright side in this darkest of moments:

He writes:
I don’t particularly see Nancy Reagan as a witch. I imagine she even felt affection for these [gay] men. Instead, I’d rather celebrate her death as the death of a certain era that she reflected: an ugly, closeted one in which society women in New York, DC and Hollywood used gay men as their personal prettifiers, unthreatening party escorts and gossip companions but more or less regarded them as less than fully human, as eunuchs whose lives were expendable.
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DJNYC said...

He has a point. I celebrate her passing as end of era. But closeted gay journalist of era shoulder some of blame