Friday, March 18, 2016

My Idiopathic Kitty

Wanted to say thanks to everyone who contacted me to wish Larry well -- and for all the tips, articles and medical recommendations. He's begun his new low(er)-fat diet along with the rutin supplement the doctor prescribed. The vet said it will be a month or so before we know if his case is receptive to this treatment, but I can say he has been slightly better than he was before he had the fluid drained from around his lungs. Will keep you posted -- and thanks again! xo


Anonymous Cat Love said...

Oh, no. Poor kitty. We'll keep you in our thoughts. (Cats are so wonderful.)

edmcan said...

Okay Larry, it's up to you now. Get better, okay? Thanks for the update Kenneth ; I'm still pulling for you guys.

Shy Boy said...

be better, kitten!

JimmyD said...

Larry has a good dad!
Be well, kitty :)

Bob K said...

With your care, things are looking much better for Larry now.

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