Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ivy League Rapist?

It's hard to know what to make of these college rape stories. But this conspiracy "scapegoat" theory seems a bit far-fetched:

The Daily Mail reports:
The student who claimed she was forced into sex by Yale basketball captain Jack Montague, 22, texted him several times after the alleged assault asking to meet up again. And when a friend later asked her why she would not recant the entire claim, she replied: "I can't. They won't let me," a close confidante of the hoops star said in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online. The Montague supporter claims Yale only took action because university brass were looking for a high-profile, non-minority student whose parents were not major donors or alumni as a "perpetrator." They had previously been slammed for taking no action over previous alleged incidents -- and the captain's case perfectly fitted their agenda. The fresh claims give a stunning new insight into the case that has roiled the Ivy League university. Montague had led the basketball team to its first post-season in more than 50 years -- the longest gap between appearances of any Division One school -- before being expelled.

Montague's Boston-based lawyer Max Stern issued a detailed statement on Monday saying it included facts that are agreed by both sides. He said the two slept together four times in Montague's off-campus apartment room in fall 2014.

On the first occasion, the woman joined Jack in bed and stayed the night, said Stern in his statement. 
On the second occasion, she entered his bed voluntarily, removed all of her clothes and, during the night, woke him to perform oral sex. 
On the third occasion, she joined him in bed, voluntarily took off all her clothing, and they had sexual intercourse by consent. 
On the fourth occasion, she joined him in bed, voluntarily removed all of her clothes, and they had sexual intercourse. Then they got up, left the room and went separate ways. Later that same night, she reached out to him to meet up, then returned to his room voluntarily, and spent the rest of the night in his bed with him. 
The sole dispute is as to the sexual intercourse in the fourth episode. She stated that she did not consent to it. He said that she did. 
Montague is now understood to have landed a temporary job well away from both Connecticut campus and his parents' home in Spring Hill, Tenn.
If he is truly being made a scapegoat, how did the university know about an alleged rape in the first place if not from the woman making the claim?

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