Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton Sweeps Florida, North Carolina and Ohio

Huge night for Mrs. Clinton regardless of what happens in Illinois and Missouri. I don't think even the biggest Bernie supporter could possibly think this isn't a done deal.




Hillary takes Missouri! #5for5


Viet said...

It's a done deal. Let's hope Bernie bows out with the same class he's shown all through the campaign. The real enemy is Trump and the GOP not each other.

Mike in Asheville said...

I realize it must me (and lots of others like, perhaps you too Kenneth) but I just don't get why, if one is mad about how things are being run, you think electing Grandpa Simpson -- Sanders or Trump -- is the solution?

I've been tired of grumpy old men telling me how I should live my life for so many years, I am edging closer to becoming one myself. And even when I get there (got 20 years to go), I still won't want another grumpy old man telling me what to do.

And women, WTF??? Fine, Hillary is your ideal choice, but Sanders or Trump??? Really? How can every single one of you not be tired of men telling you what to think what to do and dominating how society keeps us (men) in the privilege position over you and your daughters???

I am so confused. I can't even stand the sound of Sander's or Trump's (or Cruz or Rubio or any of the Rumps) voices let alone their fucking politics. See, there I go getting all grumpy, and I still won't vote for another grumpy old man.

northalabama said...

i never imagined hillary would make a clean sweep yesterday!

yes, there's definitely a burn being felt by one group of democratic supporters today...

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