Saturday, March 12, 2016

Caitlyn Jenner Is Cruzing for a Bruising

My friend Itay Hod's piece on Caitlyn Jenner is worth a read. For me, my frustration with her has nothing to do with her "conservative" views. If it were about that, she'd be talking about cutting taxes and abolishing capital-gains taxes. That's something we could seriously debate. My frustration with her has to do with comments like below that reflect her complete lack of critical-thinking skills. (I guess once a dumb jock, always a dumb jock.) I'm bored with that one. Maybe it's time we petition E! to give the interesting women from the show a spinoff. I'm curious what a transwoman not trapped in the body of a rich white man's life is about.

Read HERE.


Mike in Asheville said...

She is really quite a cunt! Don't need or want her voice among us.

Question for our transgender friends, sincerely, what do make of her? Is her story good for the transgendered portion of our community, or, is she making life worse? Probably both, but surprised there has not been a thorough give/take approach in even the LGBT media.

Cait Monger said...

Jenner is living the rethuglican motto of "I've got mine, screw you". Worse yet, she's being (pardon the pun) a total dick about it. She's more interested in her bank account and tax rate than in being human. She's completely forgot any semblance of being human with other humans. And because she's living the rethuglican dream of privilege (even in her coming out), is attracted to a rethug like Crud who talks the dangerous talk whilst completely forgetting that if Crud (and worse his father) had their way would gladly round up all of us in the LGBT community for the purpose of being exterminated. Jenner clearly needs a reality check.

BW said...

The wingnut script writes itself.




Anonymously Daft said...

She comes out as trans and she's the greatest thing since the clip on bow tie. She endorses a Republican and now she's the worst thing since Pat Robertson. Good God I'm embarrassed to be gay, no wonder they hate us.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Anonymously Daft: Our position is completely consistent. We'd celebrate anyone who came out as trans and be leery of anyone who endorses policies that discriminate against LGBT people. It sounds like you share Cait's complete inability to think critically. I don't get it.

LR said...

I know I shouldn't have gone into the comment section, but the comment section in the first link is abysmal.

Ignorance Is Bliss said...

I ignored most of the coverage when she came out as trans and I'm ignoring this as soon as I click off this page. Unworthy of attention. I'd rather daydream or read a book or take a walk.

Bob K said...


Enough about her already! They live for publicity, not for what you and I might think life means.

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