Thursday, March 17, 2016

Books Inc. to Close Its Castro Store

Saddened to read that San Francisco's Books Inc. will close its Castro location in mid-June, citing an upcoming rent hike. Damian just took me there last month and I quickly fell in love with the place, where my friend Tim Teeman did his signing for "In Bed With Gore Vidal" and my pals Matthew Rettenmund and Greg White Cope's books were proudly on display. If you're in the Bay Area, be sure to stop by for Augusten Burroughs' upcoming event for "Lust & Wonder," which just may be your last chance to cruise the Market Street aisles. Read HERE.

Meanwhile, in less depressing LGBT books news:

The 2015 Publishing Triangle Award nominees have just been announced. Congrats to all the authors including my pal Mike Signorile. See the full list HERE.


The Polar Beast said...

This is a HUGE disappointment! The loss of that bookstore will change the character of that part of Market Street and probably not in a good way. I cannot tell you how many hours I spent reading there after grabbing a Peet's coffee a few doors down. Let's hope "A Clean Well Lit Place for Books" is not next. Do Millennials not read paper books?

ebook reader said...

To answer Polar Beast's question, I am a Millennial and I haven't read a paper book since the iPad was released. To be more specific, I'm an old Millennial, having been born in the early 80s. As you move down the timeline to younger Millennials, I doubt that the interest in paper books would increase, and if it does, I would imagine most of the sales are on Amazon.

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