Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Page 1 Roundup (02/02)

Ted Cruz and "Too Close to Call" won the Iowa Caucuses on paper, but Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton were the big winners last night. Rubio, because he emerged as the frontrunner of the non-crazy candidates. And Clinton, because Sanders needed a decisive win in both Iowa and New Hampshire to gain momentum and be seen as a legitimate candidate. While I despise Rubio -- and he may indeed pose a bigger challenge to Clinton in the general election -- I still prefer him to be the nominee as there is too much at stake to risk having Trump or Cruz possibly winning, either because enough Americans really are that stupid or an unlikely October surprise renders Clinton unelectable.

UPDATE: Hillary Clinton has just been declared the winner "by the thinnest of margins," which only makes what I said before even more true. Love that Sanders pushed Clinton to the left, but now it's time to stop the in-fighting and rally around her big-time. 

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