Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Mug Shot Tuesday

The forecast is hot -- with violent outbursts ahead.

East Idaho News reports: 
A KMVT meteorologist has been charged with raping a woman in his apartment after a date Friday night. Prosecutors say John “Jack” William Holland, 23, of Twin Falls used “force or violence” to restrain the woman during the attack. Holland was arraigned Monday in Twin Falls County Magistrate Court on one felony count of rape. Bond was set at $10,000. Holland’s attorney, Chuck Peterson, said during Monday’s arraignment his client “adamantly denies the charge.” The woman told police she met Holland for a planned date at a local restaurant Friday night and agreed to go back to his apartment for dinner after having drinks at the restaurant, court documents said. Once at the apartment, Holland poured the woman a “substantial amount of ‘Gentleman Jack’ whisky.” After the woman laid on the couch because she didn’t feel well, “Holland began asking her to show off, and while she was inebriated, removed the panties she was wearing from under dress,” court documents said. The woman told Holland to stop and sat up on the couch when he began grabbing under her dress. Holland led the woman “to his bedroom while she was stumbling,” removed her dress and pushed her on the bed, court documents said. The woman told police she “chomped her teeth at Holland as a deterrence and bit Holland on his stomach area.” The woman told police Holland threw a wrapped condom on her chest and “it was from this point on that she knew Holland was going to rape her,” court documents said. She told police she threw the condom back at Holland and told him twice “she did not want to do this,” to which Holland responded he was “pro-condom.” Holland placed one hand on her throat while attacking her, court documents said. The woman again asked Holland to stop during the attack, which ended when Holland got up, said he was “sorry to disappoint” and told her he was done. The woman told police Holland “had a concerned look on his face and asked her where she was going” when she told him she needed to leave, court documents said. Holland put the woman’s underwear in her purse as she left and “told her not to forget them.” The woman told police she scratched Holland at one point during the attack “on his upper chest and shoulder area in an attempt to get Holland’s DNA under her fingernails,” court documents said. She also described to police the layout of the apartment, a gray blanket on the couch, Florida State University coasters on the coffee table and a whisky glass that had her lipstick marks on it. Police obtained a search warrant for Holland’s apartment and early Saturday found the blanket, the coasters and the glass with the lipstick, court records said. Police also found a used condom and a receipt from the restaurant that verified the time the woman said she met Holland there. 


TomF said...

A heterosexual meteorologist?

Steve said...

I don't understand why, if she didn't want Mr. Holland to make love to her, she didn't tell him "that she needed to leave" -- and didn't walk out -- back at the pouring of the tall glass of whiskey. Why else does a 23 year old single man of better than average looks pour a tall glass of whiskey for a woman on a Friday night in his apartment? Also, if she was uncomfortable with his approaches, why didn't she insist on leaving the apartment the moment he reached under her dress? Instead, she went with him INTO HIS BEDROOM????!!!!

Possibly this really was a rape but I have serious questions as to the signals she may have been giving Mr. Holland, signals that he may have interpreted as permission to proceed. Even her reaction to the condom seems to have been interpreted as resistance to the use of a condom, not resistance to the entire category of sexual union.

The coasters, glass and blanket only corroborate that she was at his place, not that she denied consent to the amorous advances that ensued.

Stephen said...

😁 😂

Val Neo said...

If it turns out that he really did do it, I hope they fry him

Bob K said...

I guess there HAVE to be a few straight Weather Reporters

Unknown said...

"The police found a used condom," who keeps used condoms lying around? Didn't Romeo ever hear of the toilet?

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