Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hot off the heels of "Vertigo" we happened upon "Notorious" at the Castro Theatre in SF today and loved every second of it. Not sure where this ranks in the Hitchcock oeuvre, but one thing's for sure: There's never been a more beautiful woman than Ingrid Bergman. BTW: San Francisco may have changed a lot since I was last here in'98. But the Castro still have the super-gay vibe Chelsea's 8th Avenue once had, and for that I am very pleased. :-)

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Shawn Cullen said...

I had a drama coach when I was kid who had been a young actress in NYC in the 1940s. She told me that she had once been leaving a stylish nightclub, and in through the doors came Ingrid Bergman wearing a powder blue suit and flanked by two military Officers.

My coach said Bergman was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen in her life. Truly breathtaking.