Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Woman Shares Details of Rape Via Social Media

-- Amber Amour, 27, from New York was in Cape Town, South Africa, for her 'Stop Rape. Educate' campaign when she was raped in a shower 
--The activist took to Instagram to write about the alleged rape and post a picture of herself crying in the shower after the sexual assault 
-- She also shared photos of her rape kit and screen grabs of the hateful messages she received that blamed her for her sexual assault

I feel awful for this young woman. No one deserves to be raped -- not even if your rapist is drunk and keeps coming on to you, then after you kiss then rebuff him you agree to take a shower with him. Ironically, it turns out the victim was in town to promote her rape-education program, which she started after having been raped before. The article doesn't say what happened in that case, but I'm guessing she got invited to play a game of naked Twister at a frat house -- sponsored by Crisco -- and something went awry. Stay strong, girl. And keep speaking your truth. 

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