Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Song of the Day: 'Love Will Keep Us Together' by Kim Wilde

Not every song works on "'80s Re: Covered" -- a new compilation of '80s artists covering classic hits in full-on '80s style. But Kim Wilde doing one of my all-time favorites -- I used to bring this album to Hiller Elementary to play during lunch, with my label-makered name in the upper-right corner so it wouldn't get stolen -- definitely hits all the right notes! (I wonder how the Captain is doing these days after the split. Toni is reportedly writing a tell-all about their marriage that I'm sure dozens of fans will be dying to read!)

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Bob K said...

My friend grew up with Darryl Dragon (the Captain). He says that Toni never told him she was divorcing him, just did it. Maybe it's tough that his condition meant they could not perform for money anymore, maybe she is bitter she gave up her budding TV hosting career for the music, or maybe she is just a cunt. I don't know from wiki Dragon was born into a musical family, and is the son of conductor, composer, and arranger, Carmen Dragon, and the elder brother of Dennis Dragon, a member of the 1960s pop combo The Dragons (which included Doug Dragon) and the 1980s surf band, the Surf Punks. His godfather was actor and comedian Danny Thomas. Dragon's familiar image and stage name came from his time as a keyboard player with The Beach Boys in the early 1970s. Beach Boys lead singer Mike Love gave him the nickname "Captain", and it stuck; Dragon began the tradition of wearing a nautical captain's hat to go along with the name. As Captain in Captain & Tennille, Dragon was frequently silent.

capava68 said...

I'm a huge Belinda Carlisle and Kim Wilde fan, but I think the best song on the disc is ABC's "High and Dry". They really make that Radiohead song their own.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Cool. Am not familiar with Radiohead so it didn't jump out at me.

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