Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Man Proudly 'Open Carrying' New Pistol Is Robbed at Gunpoint

Wait, I thought the only way to stop a bad man with a gun was a good man with a gun. 

KOIN reports:
A man practicing his open carry right was robbed of the gun he was openly carrying. William Coleman III was robbed of his Walther-brand P22 just after 2 a.m. Oct. 4 in Gresham, Ore., by a young man who asked him for it — and flashed his own weapon as persuasion. Coleman, 21, was talking to his cousin in the 17200 block of NE Glisan St., after purchasing the handgun earlier that day, when a young man asked him for a cigarette, police said. The man then asked about the gun, pulled a gun from his own waistband and said “”I like your gun. Give it to me.” Coleman handed over the gun and the man fled on foot. 
I guess this makes it official: Oregon is the new Arizona!


Charles M said...

I was robbed at gunpoint four blocks from home in downtown Chicago on Christmas Eve. So many people I've talked to have said I should have had a gun myself. It probably would have gotten me killed. I'm amused by how many people think carrying a gun makes you safer.

Gunny Lady said...

More "ammo" for the NY Daily News.

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