Tuesday, January 19, 2016

'Beard' Will Smith and 'Gay' Jada Pinkett Smith Are Hypocrites, Says Alexis Arquette

There's not a whole lot of logic going on here -- what does being a closet case have to do with a lack of diversity in the Academy Awards? -- but at least Will Smith and wife Jada know what I felt like when Rosanna and Patricia's trans-sister went after me, saying she should have "POUNDED ME" when she had the chance!

Confidential reports:
After Jada Pinkett Smith declared Monday that she will be boycotting the Oscars after her husband was snubbed, Alexis Arquette took a major swing at the pair for what she alleges is hypocrisy.

The transgender actress and gender-rights activist "outed" the married couple with a Facebook post that argued that Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s comments on race and the Oscars were invalid because they won't ’fess up about their alleged homosexuality.

"When Jada comes out as Gay and her beard husband admits his first marriage ended when she walked in on [him and] his Sugar Daddy [name omitted] ... then I will listen to them," ranted the actress, who has appeared in movies including "Last Exit to Brooklyn" and "Pulp Fiction."

"Will threw a fit on the set of Six Degrees of Separation [his 1993 film] when he was required by the scene to kiss Anthony Rapp," alleged Arquette, a sister of David and Rosanna. "He persuaded the director to shoot the back of his head in frame. Blocking the non existent lip lock entirely. F--- him. Gays have enemies. They lurk in gilded closets. Outing is healthy. You are either with or against us. You decide. Today."

Arquette — who was born Robert in 1969 — transitioned in the early 2000s and documented the experience in "Alexis Arquette: He's My Brother."
This sounds about right to me. Remember when Will Smith's name came up in a gay rape scandal in 2008?


Anonymous said...

it's easy enough to believe, but is it true? with so many details, you'd think it would be simple to check them for accuracy.

dishy said...

Yes it's true

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