Monday, December 14, 2015

Serena Williams Named Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of 2015

Well deserved. The Queen became the first female tennis player to achieve this honor since Chris Evert in 1976, and first (solo) female athlete since Mary Decker in 1983 (despite Steffi Graf's winning a Golden Slam in 1988). Kind of surprising that the two most dominating athletes this year came from tennis -- as Novak Djokovic could have just as easily been selected.

Back in '88, SI deemed Orel Hershiser's season more impressive than Steffi Graf's, yet no one has been able to duplicate Fraulein Forehead's achievement in the nearly three decades since -- not even the woman most agree is the greatest player of all time. #hmm 

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Damian said...

Ugh, being reminded of Orel Hershiser was an unwelcome jolt to this erstwhile preteen Mets fan! (They crashed out to his Dodgers in the pennant championships that year when a repeat of their 1986 Series title had still seemed in the cards.) But back to the tennis -- without having read the feature article yet, I would guess that Serena's being thirtysomething and yet dominant and having clinched four majors in a row, even if three came only in this year, edged her out over Novak.

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