Thursday, December 03, 2015

Page 1 Roundup (12/03)

The Daily News clearly had the best cover, which summed up politicians' lack of willingness to act. (Boy were they relieved to switch from refusing to do anything about gun control but be tough on terror.)

The New York Post changed its cover for later editions as we learned more about the killers ...

While liberals are blasting the shift, I can't fully fault The Post -- but it should have said ISLAMIST KILLERS, which is the problem here. (There's nothing wrong with pointing out religious lunatics, but it's important to describe them accurately.) 

This photo of a man and woman hugging was clearly "the" photo of the day, although I'd have liked to have seen others.


Steve said...

No, the NY Daily News cover is the worst of the lot (even including the LA Times, whose front page ignored the murders). The NY Daily News cover contains no mention of the Muslim identity of the killers. The words "Jihad, "terrorism" and "Islam" are missing.

Blaming God and attacking people who pray for the victims is just total nonsense. To say that any sort of gun control laws would have stopped the Farouk gang is absurd. Likewise the notion that God is somehow obligated to step down and stop Farouk or any other sinner from committing a wrong.

If I had a NY Daily News subscription I would cancel it.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Steve: Those critical-thinking skills are pretty sharp.

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