Friday, December 04, 2015

La Taza de Oro Is Officially History

After nearly nine months in the dark, the owner of La Taza de Oro -- Chelsea's best cheap Spanish joint where I've eaten for two decades and even had a chance encounter with dreamy Dylan McDermott -- has decided not to reopen the restaurant. Time to add this to the very sad list.

Eater reports:
The luncheonette's troubles started last spring when Con Ed turned off the gas and the DOB issued a vacate order after a few bricks fell from a neighboring building. The restaurant's proprietor, Eric Montalvo, also owns the building, but after losing nine months of income, he made the decision to close it for good. As Jeremiah Moss notes, he's retiring and his kids don't want to run the business. Yesterday, Montalvo was clearing out the space. He's going to rent the storefront to a new tenant and he hopes that another Latin restaurant will move in. La Taza's distinctive yellow signs might end up on eBay.

More HERE.

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