Tuesday, November 17, 2015


In film scandal news: I probably wouldn't have seen it anyway, but did you hear that "Suffragette" has a "Stonewall" problem -- being based on a fictional white person? Watching documentaries is my solution to this recurring problem -- hence my initial lack of interest -- but did filmmakers ever think of finding a little-known figure from whatever event they are so passionate about they want to make a movie and building it around him/her, instead of fabricating someone from whole cloth? And how about maybe picking someone we wouldn't expect ...

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das buut said...

Jesus fucking christ. Even South Park has Token.

That Luke Wilson dreck from a couple months ago "White People In Trouble: The Movie" only emphasizes why I don't see most movies these days. That's not an exaggeration. The first trailer was just Luke saving his neon white family saying they were in danger while shadowy figures chased them. You never saw a single person that wasn't his precious family, and the only clue of who the attackers were you got was Luke saying something about a revolution. Gotta save those precious white, straight people so they can make more precious white, straight people. Hallmark has built a plantation upon this.

I'm not a huge online complainer-activist like I used to be, but when shit like this comes along, it makes you want to get out the molotovs.

It's 2015, the white savior, white-splaining, and all-white band of heroes has got to fucking stop. At this rate, if they make a movie about Mother Theresa, she'll be played by Elle Woods.

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