Monday, November 23, 2015

Postcard From Arizona

My poor ailing mother spent the morning hunched over the stove making pots of her famous chili for later, then excused herself to get dressed in her bedroom. A repairman shows up a little later and starts marveling at the smell -- "If you need a professional taste-tester I am available!" he beams -- to which my stepfather replies: 

"Well, it's not gonna be ready for a few hours, but if you are hungry for chili there's a Wendy's nearby."

"Yeah, but that never tastes as good as homemade," the repairman counters, still smiling from the olfactory sensation. 

"Well, I don't know," Gary sighs. "It's pretty close and it's a lot less hassle."

Molly and Gary: Loving and cherishing each other since 1973. 


SFRowGuy said...

After all these years, and your mother still doesn't have him trained right? Well at least he didn't say that with her in the room.

Damian said...

Domestic hiss.

Bob K said...

The Arizona Version of "Netflix and chill"

"Dishwasher Fix and Chili"

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