Thursday, November 12, 2015

Parenthood as a Religion

Love this bit from a Quartz story my brother sent me, which is part of the reason why conservatives' obsession with "all life" bothers me so much:
The origins of the parenthood religion are obscure, but one of its first manifestations may have been the “baby on board” placards that became popular in the mid-1980s. Nobody would have placed such a sign on a car if it were not already understood by society that the life of a human achieves its peak value at birth and declines thereafter. A toddler is almost as precious as a baby, but a teenager less so, and by the time that baby turns fifty, it seems that nobody cares much anymore if someone crashes into her car. You don’t see a lot of vehicles with placards that read, “Middle-aged accountant on board.”
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Fit Studs said...

Too true.

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