Friday, November 13, 2015

My Fun Valentine

Great time catching up with my favorite rocker-chick at City Bakery this morning. Kathy Valentine is no one-trick pony. In addition to her fabulous Bluebonnets, this one has embarked on an exciting writing career that I cannot wait to read more of!

Kathy had this to say about her trip:
I had a great time in NY. super impressed with the little empire that my publisher Spirit Music Group has put together in the 20 years since I came on board at the beginning! When you hear "Vacation" in a commercial or movie or tv show, well, I have them to thank for it. At the 20th Anniversary party everyone cheered when my name and catalog came up : ) I'm in amazing company now with the catalogs of some of the greatest name a few: Marc Bolan/T Rex, Pete Townsend, even Henry Mancini. I have the same publisher as the Pink Panther theme!! Hung out with some awesome friends. Shopped. Ate. Went to 911 museum and memorial. Got my hair done. One day I will live in that city for a while--I always leave right when I'm hitting a stride there. and though I have some very well known and respected friends in NYC, running into Project Runway's Tim Gunn on the street I couldn't help but go fangirl and say hi. He was super friendly, we walked together a block or so and dished on last season! Nothing like coming home though. I'm super busy this week with school, writing, polishing up my keynote speech for K.I.N.G., playing w the Bluebonnets in Houston. everyone be safe and take care of yourself. we get one body, treat it well. love peace tolerance.
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Dale Snyder said...

It's a shame she was banished. She's a damn good Bassist.

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