Thursday, November 05, 2015

Hungry Man Dinner

Weigh in HERE.


Bob K said...

SORRY -- like so many of us, you have reached the age where it is necessary to wear a hair bow to Gay restaurants, so the twink waiter gets the message. Alternatively, you can use the method I used in Joe Allen's in LA, years ago, and simply show the waiter your hard dick. (Sitting in a corner table helps) PS-- I pretty much always "looked straight" but I bore that cross as best I could

das buut said...

Congratulations, you can pass, my brotha.

Eyes rolling now.

I always assume people are just waiting for a chance to break into song.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@das butt: Who's celebrating? I was embarrassed and astonished!

das buut said...

LOL, I thought it might be a little obscure. A scene from this Law & Order episode:

Lt. Van Buren confronting a suspect about the death of his wife, tells him "you can pass, my brotha." when it is revealed he's actually a light-skin black man.

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