Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Details Magazine to Cease Publication

Even I -- once a magazine junkie with more than 20 monthly subscriptions -- don't read Details anymore, but its death makes me wistful just the same. Perhaps the most telling part of how long ago it was that magazines meant the world to me is that even the World Wide Web doesn't even have an image of the very first issue of Details -- when it was Manhattan's "downtown bible" -- that I purchased on my debut trip to New York City in 1985, with Debbie Harry on the cover, when she was coming back from being out of the spotlight a couple years while caring for Chris Stein during his near-fatal bout of pemphigus. The mag was black and white and gritty back then -- truly the end of an era. Give Details some farewell traffic via this fun Debbie slideshow HERE.

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Peter Maria said...

I, too, used to have a magazine "problem," but that went away before their current death march. Once many of them switched to that awful ink (vegetable-based, I believe, and thus supposedly better for the environment) that transferred to my hands like I was made out of Silly Putty, I was done with them, and never bothered resubscribing to most once they got around to digital copies.

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