Friday, November 06, 2015

Blondie Ambition

Tickled to read that Cynthia Stevens -- a Blondie fanatic and the owner of the Manic Panic salon in Fresno, Calif. -- is leading a campaign to get the band a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. (Visit the effort on Facebook HERE and GoFundMe HERE.) I've never met her, but I'm particularly impressed to see that someone could become a superfan the same year "The Hunter" was released -- talk about dedication!

The Fresno Bee reports:
Cynthia Stevens became a Blondie fan in 1982.

That’s the official date on the postcard she got from the band, anyway, confirming her as a member in good standing in the fan club.

She really became a fan the first time she saw them on TV, performing on The Mike Douglas Show. (ED NOTE: Did you know that the first time they appeared on U.S. TV was when they performed "Denis" and "Youth Nabbed as Sniper" LIVE on there back in '78? They later lipsynched "Heart of Glass" and "One Way or Another" once they were popular?!)

“You just looked at the band and thought, damn, they’re cool,” says Stevens, a local hairstylist and Blondie fanatic working to get the band a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Her salon is a shrine to the pioneering New York band. It is one of three Manic Panic salons in the nation and is known for counter culture hair coloring – the brighter the better. The company was started by Tish and Snooky (siblings with no last names) in New York City in 1977. Before that, the pair had been back up singers in the original Blondie lineup.

It’s the first piece of Blondie trivia Stevens shares during our chat.

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