Friday, October 30, 2015

Tina Was Wrong

  I try not to pay attention to news from Texas -- sorry, Austin! -- as most of them don't want to be a state and I don't really count it as one. But what's happening in Houston, the first major city to have an openly gay mayor, is disgusting. Happy to see Hillary Clinton speaking out in favor of not repealing the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, which from what little I've heard has turned into the Briggs Imitative of the 21st century. Oh, Texas.


Michael Dodd said...

I grew up not far from Houston and in my adulthood swing from proud to humiliated by what happens there. My own sad prediction is that, even should the good side win in this case, the haters will simply regroup and attack again.
The good news is that my Texas nieces and nephew's generation (they are now in their 20s and 30s) is totally okay with LGBT equality. They were delighted when I came out, one of them telling me that she bragged about me to her classmates in middle school. The best response from one of her friends: "Thank God someone in your family is interesting!"

Timmy said...

This is going to be too close to call until the votes are tallied. Early voting numbers are up but the increase has come from two large, conservative neighborhoods and the average age of the early voter is 69. If youngsters 18-24 don't get out and vote on Tuesday, HERO could very well get defeated.

HRC has people on the ground to support the efforts of ACLU, Equality Texas, The Urban League, NAACP, Greater Houston Partnership, and Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, just to name a few.

Sally Field was here last week to lend her name to the cause and Matt Bomer who grew up in Houston has lent his name to the cause. The one big name that has been silent is Beyonce. She is from here and still has family here but has been silent on the whole issue.

This ordinance protects 15 classes of people. Currently, the only recourse for someone who has been discriminated against is to take it to federal court. This ordinance would give recourse on the local level. has more information.

Stay tuned!

Nickelodeon said...

I guess that excuses all the years—DECADES in fact—when she preached the "one man, one woman" trope. She preached that tired old "traditional marriage" line right up until last year when (surprise surprise) she announced her candidacy. But that's all that's forgotten now, right?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...


Yes, you're right. Vote for someone who doesn't believe in marriage equality NOW. That'll fix her.