Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tower of Love

As reported, Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard is back for one night only. I couldn't make it -- it's a premiere party for a documentary about the iconic chain's rise and fall -- but my pal Trent did:

 Fuck yeah! This is not a #tbt, #TowerRecords on #SunsetBlvd lives again ... for one night only. The defunct store has been revived for the premiere of the new documentary #AllThingsMustPass 😃 — at Tower Records, Hollywood.

So jealous ... I'll never forget bumping into Bette Midler at the Tower Video across the street!


Henry Holland said...

I bought records > CD's there occasionally from 1975 on, they were not even close to being the best place to do so in Los Angeles. They were expensive (hardly any markdowns at all), they didn't have a great variety beyond Top 40/major label stuff, the clerks were often clueless and the place was a nightmare to find parking for on weekends.

However, the Classical annex across the street was great, they were the go-to place for orchestral and opera records/CD's. A great staff, too.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Henry: I take your word for it, but as a collector of New Wave imports, I always struck gold! Years later, Moby Disc was good on Wilshire by my old apartment.

Henry Holland said...

Part of it was geography for me in the early 80's: I lived in North Hollywood, to get to the Tower on Sunset was a major undertaking. I could easily go to three or four shops in the Valley that had the British imports and music papers like the Melody Maker, Sounds and NME that I loved. Moby Disc in Van Nuys was one of them.

It helps now that I'm 15 minutes from Amoeba Records in Hollywood, they have a great selection of everything from black death metal to 20th century opera, good prices (lots of used stuff), a great staff and a decent sized parking lot. :-)

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