Thursday, October 22, 2015

Song of the Day: "'It Keeps You Runnin'" by Carly Simon

Carly Simon mixed things up after releasing her first "Best of" album, enlisting Ted Templeman to produce "Another Passenger," and releasing a sweet cover -- the Doobie Brothers' "It Keeps You Runnin'" -- as the first single. It didn't pay off -- the song stalled at No. 46 after a string of Top 20 hits -- but it did pave the way for her collaborate two years later with Michael McDonald on "You Belong to Me," which reached No. 6 on the charts (her last Top 10) and ranks as one of her finest singles to date. ("Libby" is the other finest moment of "Another Passenger." btw.)


dishy said...

...if all our flights are grounded, Libby

TomF said...

Agree on the greatness of "Libby." "In Times In My Head" is, I think, another standout.

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