Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Rosie's Daughter Aims for 'Mommie Dearest,' Ends Up Sounding Like Petty Brat

Rosie O'Donnell's daughter Chelsea, 18, breaks her silence to reveal how the star locks herself away in her 'arts and crafts house' blasting Madonna and smoking weed and left The View because she feared a heart attack from Whoopi 

--Chelsea O'Donnell tells Daily Mail Online in an exclusive interview that she never ran away from home 
--She went to live with her boyfriend after Rosie kicked her out two weeks before her 18th birthday 
--She claims her mom is a 'phony' who is a totally different person inside their family home than she is in the public eye 
 --Rosie wears tight Spandex shorts and T-shirts around house and likes to sleep late - only doing her make-up if someone else does it for her 
--Rosie told her she was in withdrawal from heroin when she was born but when she checked hospital records her tests came back clean 
 ---Chelsea denies she's 'mentally ill' but reveals her struggle with depression and anxiety since Rosie divorced Kelli Carpenter

I don't know. If these are your smoking guns -- dyke mom doesn't like to wear makeup and sleeps late; you're forced to listen to Madonna in an arts-and-crafts room -- then it sounds like you've got it pretty good to me!

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edmcan said...

I agree Kenneth; she sounds like an 18 year old fighting with her mother. Nothing she says is condemning to Rosie, as much as she wants you too. She comes across as a spoiled, entitled brat who wants everything her way. Good luck to her, I say.

das buut said...

Sounds like she needs Alec Baldwin to talk to her from now on. What a rotten little bitch.