Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Lance Bass Not *NSync With What Being a Victim Means

I hate when people accuse others -- usually celebrities -- of divulging unpleasant news years after the fact "to get publicity." (We're all allowed to come to terms with slash decide when to talk about things in our lives as we see fit -- celebrities included.) But I also hate when people -- usually celebrities -- divulge unpleasant news after the fact in such a way that it makes very little sense and/or adds nothing to the conversation. 

Case in point Lance "I attend the opening of an envelope" Bass, who followed up Ashley Judd's sexual harassment allegation with a similar story about his early days in show business. He told Meredith Viera on her daytime show:
“When we started, there was someone that we worked with that was inappropriately touching us. I was even aware then, at 16, that this guy was a pedophile and he was touching me oddly."  
Bass. 36, said that he never told anyone about it at the time except the “guys.” 
“I mean, with the guys we would talk about it, we would kind of joke about it but it’s not a joking thing,” he said. “But as a kid, it was odd,” the singer added. “I am glad that we were aware of it and we didn’t feel victimized at the time.”

“But I didn’t feel victimized at the time because I was very aware of it, but it happened to us too.”
Huh? What does being "very aware" of something have to do with whether or not someone was victimizing you? Although Bass has said in the past that his imprisoned (known perv) former manager, Lou Pearlman, never crossed the line with him, it seems pretty clear that he is referring to him. And even if he's not, if some adult man was molesting him and other boys in the band, they were victims of a sickening crime, period. I'm not criticizing anyone in *NSync for how they reacted/handled what happened to them back then, but what exactly is Bass trying to say now? I'm sure he means no harm, but it could be interpreted that he is saying that he and his bandmates were able to "laugh off" being "inappropriately touched" by "a pedophile" (because it was a means to an end to becoming rich and famous). But what message does that send to others who are not able to do this? That they're pussies? That they're weak? That they are choosing to be victims and he is choosing not to be?

Although not the same situation, it sounds a little like Mackenzie Phillips when she thought she was in a "consensual" sexual relationship with John Phillips. She went around promoting her tell-all memoir announcing to the world that she wasn't an incest victim -- before finally having to be told by others that there's no such thing as a "consensual sexual relationship" with your FATHER.

Show me on the doll ...


das buut said...

I love and respect McKenzie, that dear lady, she's been through so much it's hard not to wonder how she's still with us. She needed someone in her life to help her and got only bullshit. At least we can understand where she's coming from.

Lance, I'm not certain he even knows up from an Acura Cake. That boy needs a ouija board.

Isherwood Junkie said...

I find this quite judgemental. As a 6 year old for two years a 12 year touched me inappropriately . I was never penetrated but I was sexualized at an inappropriate age. Bass is and was dealing with it in his own manner and time. I don't think it's anybody's fucking business . I'm dealing with my shit on my time and telling people that yes, it was sexually arousing at the time but I didn't know how to process that other than try to seduce every friend I had. That was what it did to me. I equated sex with love and at least validation. If you didn't want me you hated me. What I'm saying is everyone's journey is different and just because he speaks of it doesn't mean he has to be a role model. It sounds like it never got actually sexual but he was dealing with a handsy predator.

Bob K said...

Sorry, Mattm, but I take Lance's story differently. Pearlman was a creep, almost laughable, (remember that TV series with O Town?) and the boys all knew it -- very different from one being abused and holding a secret. Inappropriate touching can include shoulders, hip, arm, ass squeeze -- does not have to mean heavy dick fondling and attempted rape. When it's obnoxious touching and he does it to everyone, (has happened to me), you do not take it personally, as in full molestation, but you don't like it. BTW -- I have one degree of separation from John Phillips from one friend and two degrees via another. So much talent, so much destruction, a shame.

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