Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Janet Jackson Makes Music History

Interesting that Janet Jackson has become only the third artist in music history to score a top-selling album in each of the last four decades. (You'd think Madonna and Mariah but the other two are Barbra and Bruce.) But I'm confused by what the New York Times then goes on to report:
The album — Ms. Jackson’s first since 2008 and her seventh No. 1 over all — opened with 109,000 albums sold and 3.9 million streams, according to Nielsen.

The Weeknd’s “Beauty Behind the Madness” (XO/Republic) jumped back up to the No. 2 spot with 73,000 album equivalent units, scoring another strong streaming week with more than 34 million plays, while “The Hills” held a fourth week as the No. 1 single.

“What a Time to Be Alive” (Cash Money/Epic), the commercial mixtape from Drake and Future, is No. 3 on the album chart with 65,000 units (including a chart-leading 45 million streams) ...
So the No. 2 and 3 albums were played (or "streamed") 30.1 million and 41.1 MILLION more times than hers? If this is correct -- which I'm guessing is the result of younger fans streaming and older (Janet) fans buying -- but streams get pennies on the dollar, are you still WAY better off financially being Janet ... or is it all about exposure?

And we wonder why the music industry is f**ked ...


James said...

Billboard (or better yet NYT) was counting total album and song streams. Since Janet's album was only released recently, it would have lower total streams whereas The Hills album has been out for a while with multiple "hits". Currently Drake's Hotline Bling has been streamed over 1 million times for Spotify's chart this week.

edmcan said...

Isn't she married to a Middle Eastern billionaire? What does she care about money?

Phill Scearce said...

Great for Janet, yet another ICON sold 121,000 units and had 116,000 in sales with 7.5 mil streaming and that was considered a flop. Funny how that is.

Just to note that 1500 streams = 1 album unit.

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