Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hillary Clinton Has the Last Laugh

Reluctantly watched the Democratic debate last night and came away with one conclusion: Of all the candidates I've seen to date -- on both sides of the aisle -- Hillary Clinton is the only one fit to run this country. So thankful Bernie Sanders came along and pushed Ms. Rodham to the left -- her views on gun control, capitalism, health care, immigration, reproductive rights, LGBT issues and what "big government" really means have never been more spot-on, and I nearly leapt through the screen to her hug when she said she was most proud of making enemies with REPUBLICANS! -- but as great as he is, calling bullshit on the e-mail "scandal" and all, I just don't see someone's cranky grandfather from Brooklyn being taken seriously on the world stage. I like how she addressed the whole foolish notion of being a "dynasty" candidate, That a woman is considered the establishment candidate is a step in the right direction, but come on -- she'd be the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, so good for her for reminding people about that.

Hillary is my choice.

Martin O'Malley, of course, has hunky veep written all over him.


Darryl Morrison said...

Agreed! I had been a bit down on Hillary prior to the debate and was even considering Sanders, but last night she was so impressive. Her message isn't always as straight-forward as Sanders and her nuances can come across as a bit more 'political.' But her grasp of the issues is so much more fully-formed than ANYone else in the field. I thought she was great.
I couldn't help but feel sorry for Chafee. He's in WAY over his head. And Webb was just bad, bad, bad. But let's be honest. I'd take any of them over the Republicans.

Up Hill All the Way said...

Yes, I'm a huge Hillary supporter, and honestly believe not only will she win the 2016 election, but she'll have coat tails that will bring in more democratic congresspeople and senators, governors and legislators.

It helps that all of Obama's work is paying off and the economy is in much better shape, but she's the ideal candidate I think.

Greg said...

Gender is no more a reason to vote for someone than is sexual orientation. Haven't we learned anything? Hillary is a warmonger.

Greg S.

Bob K said...

Toward the beginning of the debate she exhibited her strident Chicago "I'm a woman I had better talk up" voice but later she relaxed.
...... It seems we have a bit harder time forgiving a woman for her quirks than a man.
You are right that Bernie pushed her to the left which is the best thing that could happen to energize voters
O'Malley came in a solid third and he was better than all 11 of the Republican candidates by far

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