Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Deputy Fired for Dragging Black Student From Desk

OF COURSE the cop should be fired. But I will say this: if one of my classmates had behaved like this chick when I was in school, I'd have been THRILLED to have had someone come in and do that. Law enforcement has to have patience for selfishness and wanton disregard for authority, but I sure don't. 


Edgar_Carpenter said...

She's an orphan - her mom died recently. Yes, she's going to be a total mess for awhile. Maybe years. It's grownups, not kids, who need to know how to de-escalate encounters like this.

Shy Boy said...

Really? You'd be thrilled to see a girl in your class get thrashed around by a cop? Charming. Also:

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Again, the cop deserved to be fired and anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.

But as a well-behaved child who had to endure classmates who acted like assholes all the time and always got away with it, I would have been happy to have had someone that selfish and rude removed from my class in the most embarrassing way possible. As for these new details -- there's NO EXCUSE to act like that, ever.

SFRowGuy said...

I'm with Kenneth one this one. Did the officer over react? Yes. Should he be fired? Most likely. Does that remove fault from the student? No.

Edgar, do you know for a fact that the student is an orphan? Does that excuse her actions? In my opinion, No. In so many years recently, people -- not just kids -- have become so self-absorbed, that they don't think they have any fault, or are accountable for their actions. I attribute this to poor parenting and a lack of respect. Unfortunately, spanking is considered an actionable offense more than the action that warranted the spanking, and shaming does not work on people that have either no sense of shame, or are so self-absorbed that they consider any attention has good attention. (F-U Reality TV for promoting this type of behavior.)

Full of Opinions but Too Much of a Pussy to Sign My Name said...

You're conflating a whole group of kids who annoyed you in your youth with this one girl. We have no evidence that she was an "asshole "all the time." All we know is this newly-orphaned girl was being a brat this ONE time. And, after you agree with the officer being fired, you then say the biggest problem with is treatment of her is that it was "embarrassing"? I think someone might need to brush up on their empathy skills. And there's a post on this in Gawker where the comments are all about what the teacher, administrator and cop could've done differently, if you're interested.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Full of Opinions but Too Much of a Pussy to Sign My Name:

Do you know what "conflating" means? This person doesn't need to be an asshole 24 hours a day for a fellow student to be completely annoyed by her selfishness, and I was writing in the voice of my being a fellow student (Read: A CHILD ALSO). I have plenty of empathy for people who deserve it -- and it's my empathy that agrees the cop went too far.

Furthermore, your lack of critical-thinking skills (or ability to read) has you misinterpreting the "embarrassing" comment, too. That was my FAVORITE part of the treatment, not the biggest problem.

Kelly in Phoenix said...

I once had a student with behavioral problems try to stab me with a pencil. After admin told me he was just a challenge I would have to deal with, I called his mom and asked her to come sit with him or take him home for the afternoon as the incident affected the other students. She asked me what I expected her to do because he doesn't listen to her either. This was a kindergarten class. What this police officer did is wrong, and my heart goes out to this girl for her loss. However, most people don't know what happens in the classroom. I tried to teach around this boy's behavior, which escalated the issue because he was acting out to get attention. Like I said, if I had an answer to Kenneth's question, I would still be teaching.

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