Tuesday, October 13, 2015

2015 Mylan WTT Smash Hits Raises More Than $1 Million for Charity

If you're wondering if last night's Mylan WTT Smash Hits event in Las Vegas -- where Team Billie Jean King squared off against Team Elton John -- was one of the greatest things of all time, the answer is yes. Although the actual tennis lacked drama, seeing a handful of the game's greatest players of all time -- plus my Tracy and Steffi playing doubles TOGETHER and Elton repeatedly passing Agassi down the line!-- out there having fun and raising money for charity (including Elton's AIDS foundation) was something I won't soon forget. The only thing missing was Chris Evert ...

Dream team

Stefanie's eyes are saying: Get me away from this bald-freak cult leader

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