Friday, September 25, 2015

Tennis Coach Proposes to Dead Girlfriend

Rick Santorum kept warning about the slippery slope -- and now it seems he was right.

The Daily News reports:
A grief-stricken boyfriend has got 'engaged' to his girlfriend after her sudden death -- and posted an image of his ring on her finger on Facebook. Tragic Abigail Hall, 18, collapsed and died on Wednesday night after less than a week at university. The devastating news was broken to her boyfriend Josh Thompson, 22, while he was working as a tennis coach in Corfu. He immediately flew home. After asking her parents for permission for the unusual gesture, he put a ring on her finger and announced online: 'Abigail Hall and I are now engaged. She is my life.'
(Am I the only one who thinks this is not sweet and completely macabre?)


M. A. Gay said...

I can empathize with him, what a horrible thing to experience...but to suggest an engagement is just not healthy...for him or her parents. My sympathies to them all.

edmcan said...

Yes Kenneth, you are. It's fucking weird. I see he didn't waste any money on a big engagement ring, so he's not stupid, just weird.

Keith said...

My husband died unexpectedly at the end of June. 4 years ago, my previous partner also died unexpectedly. Experiencing grief again in such a short amount of time makes me understand there is no right or wrong way - just YOUR way of grieving and recovering. The only one who needs to understand his grief is him - even then, he may not be able to explain.

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