Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kaley Cuoco Ended Marriage to Ryan Sweeting 'Because He Was Addicted to Painkillers After Back Surgery'

According to the venerable Us Weekly, "Big Bang Theory" star Kaley Cuoco left hubby Ryan Sweeting because the tennis pro became addicted to pain killers following back surgery in 2014 -- and he supposedly "refused" to get help. Sad. I see what my mom has been going through following her spinal surgery in April and it's rough.  Here's hoping he is able to turn things around. He was so handsome with his pornstache awhile back.

From HERE.


Unknown said...

Why would you dump someone for that? It's supposed to be through "sickness and health" and "better or worse". Maybe if it was a long-term thing or if he refused to stop, but they've only been married for ten minutes.

Unknown said...

And he kinda looks like Steve Howey with facial hair (look him up).

Countervail said...

Uh no. Every gossip site makes it clear it was his manwhoring.

stoney8 said...

Wow Ryan and I were born in the same city I just found out. Damn if there were HOT white boys like this when I was growing up I may never have left :)

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