Friday, August 21, 2015

Sid 'n' Susie Go 'Completely Under the Covers'

Details HERE.

Here's a "box set" of sorts of one of my favorite acts in recent memories, Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs' covers project. Although I guess these repackaged albums are a good thing, somehow I take it as a personal affront after I go and spend my hard-earned money buying the originals as they come house, hunting down editions with extra tracks -- sometimes buying the album more than once -- and then still come up short when the "latest" has stuff even I didn't get in my sweep. This time it's just two songs -- "Village Green Preservation Society" and "I Can See for Miles" from the '60s era -- so I'm hoping I can acquire those without shelling out another $22 and adding more clutter to my apartment. (I might add that I have two songs that aren't on these, so there!) I also take this to mean there won't be a fourth collection -- the '90s -- which is probably just as well.

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