Friday, July 17, 2015

Song of the Day: 'For Your Eyes Only' -- Sheena Easton vs. Blondie

It's funny that it was only years and years after Blondie inexplicably had a song called "For Your Eyes Only" on its 1982 album, "The Hunter," that I finally learned that it had indeed been written for the 1981 Roger Moore film. (Thanks, Internet!) Apparently the band, riding high on the success of the theme from "American Gigolo" and back-to-back No. 1 singles from "Autoamerican," were approached about doing the theme so Debbie Harry and Chris Stein wrote it before finding out the producers actually wanted Blondie to perform the one written by Bill Condi and Michael Leeson. Sheena Easton, as we all know, eventually recorded that version and rode to the Top 10 around the world. A psycho Blondie fan went to the trouble of creating a video for the Blondie version -- even changing the film's Bond to Timothy Dalton. Although I'm a HUGE fan of Sheena's song (and an admitted Blondie nut), I honestly think the latter's is a more haunting and Bond-like song. 

What do you think? Please listen and then vote below!

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Blobby said...

I always liked Blondie's version better and was always disappointed that it wasn't chosen for the film.

dishy said...

BLONDIE BLONDIE BLONDIE - I cannot believe your readers have voted that Sheena snore fest higher than that tight Blondie number! That could have changed the entire future of The Hunter and the band!

Modern Gurl said...

I vote for Sheena's version, but that may just be familiarity. Love Blondie too.

JimmyD said...

Dishy? Is this the first you heard of the Blondie song? Or are you one of the very few to have heard it before? Just curious. Most people WILL CHOOSE the one they are most familiar with. And since the Blondie song is mostly unknown to 98% of the population, and Easton's "snore fest" (which tells me sooooo much about you) was a chart topper... Yes, many/most will choose Easton.
My guess is that you think the Madonna Bond song is the bestest song ever?

Sean said...

At least the Blondie song sounds like a Bond song. I like the Easton song too, but it could be any old pop song. Doesn't have the Bond feel or guitar. Lame. Same goes for the "Nobody Does it Better". That sounds nothing like a Bond song either, sorry Rita Coolidge.

Tom in Portsmouth, NH said...

Another vote for the Blondie version...Debbie Harry is an icon!

It's a huge leap from "(My Baby Takes The) Morning Train" to singing a Bond theme song. And let's not even talk about "Sugar Walls".