Thursday, June 04, 2015

Logan and Laila at War

UPDATE: Looks like the Air Force just released some good news.

For every privileged white transgender(!) like Caitlyn Jenner, there are many more people like Logan Ireland and Laila Villanueva. Learn how the military's outdated and blatantly discriminatory policies on transgenders threatens to destroy their lives.


 This Op-Doc video profiles a transgender airman named Logan Ireland, who recently completed a deployment serving as male, the gender he knows himself to be. Remarkably, after telling his leaders and some peers that his sex was assigned female at birth, he received their support—despite military policy that prevents transgender people from serving openly. Meanwhile, his fiancĂ©e, Laila Villanueva, who was assigned male at birth, has a similar scenario, but works without the support of her command. Their dreams of serving in the military until retirement, having a home, and creating a family are all on the line simply because of how society and United States military policy discriminate against transgender people. Logan and Laila are aware that by coming out publicly in this film, they could be discharged.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post Kenneth.

gglaudel said...

Awesome post Kenneth! WOW! Old Dude in LA.(Was at he book signing) Let me know where you're hanging out Pride weekend!