Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Film Noir


BW said...

Tell that to our pal Shirley M.

Anonymous said...

Not so simple...
Someone invited online too many people, who started climbing the fences when refused entry. The party limit is 20 at that place.
The whole fight was due to a drunk White bitch who told the Black kids to go back to the Plantation or the Section 8 housing. She got fired from her job today.
The officer, fresh from talking down a suicide jumper after handling the case of a man who blew his own brains out in front of his family, was not calm enough at all.
The girl should not have fought him, her friends who came up behind the cop should have been calling to her to give in and stop resisting.

Until people of all colors teach their kids to let the cop do his job, and complain later if they think he is wrong, it will never get better. This whole thing of "You racist, how dare you violate my dignity" is counterproductive.

The man who died on Staten Island had been arrested 30 times for the same offence, but kept telling the cops he was just minding his own business. A cop who was too short to handle the huge man fucked up and choked him to death while trying to subdue him

And yes, I have personally been hassled by cops who loved being in authority too much.

I did not respect that you ran the cute cartoon that simplified the situation excessively, Ken.

Bob K

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Parents of all colors HAVE taught their children to let the police do their job, and time and time again certain groups have found that they are
treated differently, which has prompted fear and loathing of law enforcement. With all due respect, I'd argue that your response simplified
the situation excessively, not the cartoon.

Mike said...

The cartoon is funny is some ways as a comment on this particular case. And of course it simplifies the issues, that's what cartoons do. So do some commenters. Until we start seeing the complexity of the relationships between the police and the policed, we will never begin to solve the problems. My retort is that I work in a law enforcement environment, and I can tell you that there are plenty of 14 year old girls of all colors out there who can do plenty of damage with little more than a set of sharp finger nails and some hi-heel shoes. Still the bottom line in this case is that the police officer should not have used his pistol as a means of crowd control. It's for self defense. Regardless of how many kids were there and whether they had permission to be there, and whether they were following his commands, the gun should have stayed in its holster.