Monday, May 18, 2015

Tripping With Molly

Apparently Boy Culture wasn't the only one moved by Simple Minds' nostalgic performance of "Don't You (Forget About Me)" on something called the Billboard Music Awards. See HERE

I saw Molly Ringwald do it herself at the Carlyle Cafe last fall.

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Unknown said...

The singer's vocals were a bit wonky (I HATE when singers speak the lyrics to songs in concert), but when he was "on" it was great.
On a brighter note, it was AWESOME watching EVERYBODY singing along (Jennifer Lopez?!) is there another song that touches as many people in multiple generations down in their nostalgic hearts like this one? It is so depressing yet beautiful and fun AND reminds us all of thay movie that has been embraced by the teenagers in all of us for 3 decades! Ah, 80s music and movies really do bring back a certain feeling that nothing else can.
Also, I CAN NOT believe Molly Ringwald is 47. Not only because time has gone by so fast but she looks like a 20 y/o!! How is she not in more movies?