Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Out of Touch -- UPDATE

UPDATE: So on top of everything else, it turns our Ian Reisner -- who always struck as the worse of the two -- DID make a campaign donation TO Ted Cruz. Total scum.

Ya gotta hand it to Jacob Bernstein for starting his article about this odd couple like this:
Maybe the clearest indication that Ian Reisner and Mati Weiderpass were having a public relations meltdown was how quickly the articles about them stopped mentioning the 23-year-old man who died of a drug overdose after being found in a bathtub at their Central Park South home.
And including delicious bons mots like these:
If name-dropping were a sport, he would be an Olympian.
“We might get married one day, but not to each other,” was one of the passive aggressive jabs Mr. Weiderpass sent Mr. Reisner’s way during a 90-minute interview.  
Both are capable of saying wacky things. 
I'm not entirely convinced these two -- who have contributed generously to many LGBT causes -- are all bad. But there's definitely something wrong with them.

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Matthew Rettenmund said...

They are—without a doubt—all bad. All.