Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Full-Blown Cutie

The Man Who Beat HIV at Its Own Game for 30 Years 

A survivor’s story is about to change.

Meet the man whose blood may hold the secret to curing HIV. Almost 30 years after diagnosis, Kai Brothers, 52, is only just now starting to show symptoms. Read HERE.


Unknown said...

He has let them use his blood to figure this out to help others for years. Now he should do what he needs to take care of himself.

Blobby said...

"Brothers now faces a vexing choice. He has never taken antiretroviral drugs, which suppress HIV, and have prolonged countless lives. But if he does start taking the drugs, his body will stop producing the substance that has long protected him."

What's the vexing choice? The "substance" is not longer protecting him.

If there is a choice at all it's take the drugs and live or don't and risk dying. Period.