Thursday, April 30, 2015

To Cut a Long Story Short

I'm so bummed I missed the premiere of this Spandau Ballet documentary at IFC last night, but my friend Mark saw it on DVD and said it's brilliant! I'm probably going to go this weekend, though. (And who's going to the Beacon gig?)

SYNOPSIS Relive the music, fashion, and spirit of the 1980s via the incredible saga of the rise, fall, and comeback of New Wave legends Spandau Ballet. From the streets of working class London to the top of the pop charts, Spandau Ballet conquered the airwaves in the '80s with international hits like “True” and “Gold.” But the behind-the-scenes story was just as compelling, as the band overcame ego clashes and a bitter breakup to reunite triumphantly for their current tour. Featuring never-before-seen home movies, archival footage, and interviews with the band, "Soul Boys of the Western World" is a captivating chronicle of the roller-coaster ride of fame and an awesomely retro time capsule of the sounds and styles of an unforgettable decade.

Release Dates:
April 29 - Nationwide on VOD 
April 29 - New York, NY - IFC Center
May 8 - Los Angeles, CA - Arena Cinema
May 8 - Columbus, OH - Gateway Film Center 
May 13 - Minneapolis, MN - Trylon Microcinema 
May 15 - Chicago, IL - Gene Siskel Film Center


Dean said...

I saw the movie here in Toronto on Sunday, that included a Q&A with the band afterwards.

Wound up at the meet and greet before their show on Monday, where they were nothing but charming and delightful to everyone in attendance. Followed that up by the actual show, which could not have been much better than when they were in their prime. Fantastic.

JimmyD said...

I didn't know it was being released. I've had a copy for months. It's really good.