Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Russell Tovey Is Sorry About Guardian Remarks

As predicted, Russell Tovey knows he messed up with THIS.
"I surrender. You got me. I'm sat baffled and saddened that a misfired inarticulate quote of mine, has branded me worst gay ever...If you feel I have personally let you down, I'm sorry, that was never my intention...I'm proud to be who I am and proud for others We're in this together, I want you to know whatever you think I meant, I didn't...I'm gonna ride this out, and one day we will all look back on this moment with a half smile of fascination and amusement...Until that day I'm gonna carry on being me ‪#‎lowersflag‬ x"
Perhaps not the mea culpa you were hoping for, but a littler perspective wouldn't hurt. Let's move on to fighting our real enemies, shall we?

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Damian said...

Have to agree with Matt above. I cringed when I came across his remarks while half-reading the interview, knowing they'd come across very poorly, but I also thought there was just enough context to reflect his own struggle, rather than across-the-board judginess.

But even allowing for a limited medium like Twitter, that blithe cavalcade of semi-coherent tweets does nothing to address the substance of the negative reaction at all, barely ekes out any traces of remorse/awareness, and might as well have said "Whatevs, get over it. l already have!" That would at least have had the virtue of succinctness rather than fluffy/flippant cluelessness!

While I'm here, in the role I came to learn of Tovey, the running joke for his character was this high-pitched squeal whenever he was startled. That might've been his acting skills at play, but he pinged my gaydar after five minutes (and the character was meant to be straight, if very socially awkward!). He might be more self-congratulatory for "passing" than warranted, ha, even if he did get himself to the gym lately and was never a "tap-dancing freak." But yeah, he didn't kill anybody, and this episode I guess allowed for some more rehash--I mean, discussion.