Friday, March 20, 2015

Martin O'Malley for President?

While I love the idea of our first female president, Martin O'Malley sure is looking like a nice (baggageless) alternative. I thought he'd go for Barbara Mikulski's seat, but this tweet makes it sound like he still has presidential aspirations -- or perhaps veepdom. If nothing else, the telegenic former Maryland governor -- who is in a band (O'Malley's March), pro-LGBT up the ying-yang and has great biceps -- needs to give Hillary Clinton a run for her money in the primaries. This isn't Argentina, for crying out loud!

Thoughts? Alternatives?

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Unknown said...

O'Malley blew his chance to launch onto the national stage with a snooze worthy bore following Deval Patrick.

He also commuted all death sentences to life sentences on his way out the door. That, despite what you or I might think, is not going to fly in a general election.

Billy B said...

No baggage? Between him and successors in City Hall, Baltimore is a city that started out reinventing itself in the 80's and 90's but is now faced with a crumbling infrastructure, high crime rates, and even higher property taxes -- is it any wonder families are fleeing the city for outlying counties?

Pro-LGBT? Well yeah, in an Obama-like Words-But-Not-Actions-Until-I'm-Forced-To mode. He didn't do a thing to promote marriage equality in the state until his 2nd term as governor, and only then when it was practically a done deal.

Nonetheless, still a better candidate than Hillary. But this former Baltimorean won't be voting for him.

Hushpuppy212 said...

Yes, I remember being disappointed in that speech, but remember that Bill Clinton gave what many regarded as the worst keynote speech ever at the '88 convention, and look what happened to him.

I think O'Malley may be 'running' for Vice-President. And I don't think the commutation will matter. It's not like any Democrat will be competitive in Alabama or Oklahoma.

Anonymous said...

With the looming breakdown in infrastructure I would argue we are Argentina, of 50 years ago.